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How to share videos online using Mydeo, from within Windows Movie Maker

mydeoIt is very easy to share videos online from within the Movie Maker interface. Once you have finished editing your video in Movie Maker, select ‘Send to Web’ from the left menu as shown below:


Once this is selected, the ‘Save Movie Wizard’ opens and you can enter a file name for your saved movie:


After pressing ‘Next’ you can choose the ‘Movie Setting’. This determines the quality and file size of your saved movie. If you are going to share the movie with people who are likely to have broadband you can choose from the dropdown menu ‘Video for broadband (340 Kbps)’:


Your movie is then saved. After this happens, it will be ready to send to Mydeo:


Now, the ‘Save Movie Wizard’ requires you to ‘Select a Video Hosting Provider and Sign In’.

Mydeo is the only provider to allow easy video streaming in an email or on a website, so from the dropdown menu choose ‘Mydeo’.


If you haven’t got an account yet or want to find out more information, select the ‘sign up now’ link from the bottom of the window. This takes you to the ‘Windows Movie Maker Partners’ page.


Registration is free, select ‘click here to sign up now’. This takes you to the Mydeo registration page where you can set up your account and start sharing your video.

If you already have a Mydeo account then from the ‘Select’ screen shown earlier, enter your User name and Password. If you select ‘Remember my password’, the next time you arrive at the ‘Video hosting provider sign in’ your details will already be filled in.

Your video is then uploaded to the Mydeo server:


When this has finished you will see the completion screen:


You will receive an email from Mydeo confirming that your video is ready to share. Follow the link to log in to your Mydeo account:


Once inside Mydeo you can choose how you share your video online.

Click here for details of how Mydeo works.

Click here for the Video tutorial



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