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SpiceFX 6 - 10 Wizards to Fix Scenes & Customize Titles, Overlays, Effects, Transitions!
Pixelan logo   Pixelan Software, the creators of popular add-ons for many video editing programs, has released version 6 of its Movie Maker plug-ins. SpiceFX 6 includes 15 Packs that add more than 675 pre-made, drag-and-drop transitions and effects to Movie Maker. SpiceFX 6 also includes 10 powerful, easy-to-use Wizards to customize titles, overlays, effects, transitions, and more for Movie Maker. Three Wizards are new (see below), and all existing Wizards have been significantly enhanced. SpiceFX is compatible with Movie Maker on XP, Vista, AND on Windows 7 (the latter by installing MM2.6 or MM6.0 in Windows 7, as many Movie Maker users have done... Pixelan provides the simple steps and downloads). SpiceFX 6 is downloadable, easy to install, and affordable. Pixelan prices start as low as $8!

• SceneFixer™ (new) : Adjustable contrast/brightness AND advanced color correction for MM; can apply variably within a scene.
• Blur-Sharpen™ (new): Complete control in MM over blurring/sharpening. Several blur types provided; can variably blur in a scene.
• FilmTouch™ (new): Hundreds of prol presets for popular film looks, each adjustable for brightness, contrast & effect power.
• PanZoom™: Visually and easily create custom pan zoom MM effects, optimized for high-res output.
• TitleFX™: Drag to place MM titles/text anywhere in a scene. Add new title animations, fade timing, text effects, etc.
• OverlayFX™: Easily overlay, position,, and enhance in your MM scene any imported still-image, such as a logo, graphic, or frame.
• AccentFX™: Mix brightness, saturation, borders, etc. to highlight your scene's main subject. Great for family, sports, event videos.
• SpiceMaster™: Pixelan's long-popular industry-leading organic transitions tool brought to Movie Maker.
• PerfectPIP™: Create custom picture in picture (PIP) transitions for Movie Maker, choosing the PIP shape, style, location, etc.
• TranJelly™: Customizable beveled transitions for MM -- FREE and fully-functional to keep just by downloading Pixelan's demo!

from SceneFixer from Blur-Sharpen from FilmTouch from PanZoom from TitleFX from OverlayFX fro AccentFX from SpiceMaster
from PerfectPIP from PanZoom Pack from Framing Pack from Correction Pack from Animation Pack from Cosmetic Pack from Film Pack from Time Pack
from WOW Pack from SoftFX Pack from PipFX Pack from CoolFX Pack from EnergyFX Pack from Particles Pack from PageFX Pack from DepthFX Pack

For more details and demos at Pixelan's website, click here. Note that buying via this link supports!


Rehan's Pan Zoom Effects is a custom effects package for Movie Maker 2. It allows you to apply Ken Burns style Pan and Zoom effects to your still photos and movie clips. Learn more..
Major Highlights of the package:
  • Flexible xml interface: Fully customizable to specify any start and end pan-zoom rectangles.
  • Simple alphabet grid to specify start and end regions
  • Optimized bilinear filtering algorithm to maintain high pixel quality during zooms and pans.

Updates and Downloads

Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XPGet the Winter Fun Pack 2004 and have more fun with Windows XP this winter season! Spice up your music, photos and more with amazing holiday visualizations, skins, powertoys and other fun add-ons. There’s something for the whole family! The Winter Fun Pack 2004 includes:
  • Stunning Holiday visualizations, skins and PowerToys for Windows Media Player 10.
  • Winter Fun Wallpaper Changer and Holiday Elf Dancer.
  • Holiday music auto-playlists for Windows Media Player 10.
  • A new PowerToy for Media Center 2005. And more!

Download the Winter Fun Pack 2004 - Download Here

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 - Besides enhanced security tools, Windows XP Service Pack 2 contains a new version of Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker 2.1 is available for download with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). You can download SP2 and all future critical updates automatically by turning on the Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP. You can also download SP2 and Movie Maker 2.1 from Windows Update. If you cannot use Automatic Updates or download SP2 via Windows Update, order a CD.

Windows Movie Maker 2 Winter Fun Pack 2003 - Make holiday home movies like a pro with this creative collection of winter sound effects, holiday music, and seasonal video titles and animations, made exclusively for Windows Movie Maker 2. This is the second release of the free Fun Pack add-ons for Movie Maker 2.

Windows Movie Maker 2 Creativity Fun Pack - This pack contains 6 Count Down and Endings, 16 static titles slides that you can use as-is or add your own titles to, three full-length songs that you can add to your graduation movie or any kind of movie (Courtesy of SoundDogs) and choose from more than 50 new sound effects.

SoundDogs Sample Packs for Movie Maker 2 - Take your projects to the next level with professional sound effects, looped tracks, and music from the Internet's premier source, Download the sampler pack to get you started!

Microsoft Plus SuperPack! Digital Media EditionOrder Microsoft Digital Media Edition now

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition - Besides Movie Maker enhancements, Plus! DME has additional features for Photos, Media Player, Music and Portable Devices.
With Plus! Effects & Transitions for Windows Movie Maker 2, you get 25 new amazing video effects and 25 new video transitions for Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker 2. What a bonus!

You can use Plus! video effects to add exotic colors, vivid streaks and spots, wild textures, and more to your Windows Movie Maker 2 videos and pictures. Plus! video transitions make your movies even more fun. Use them to add unique and captivating transitions between video clips.

25 New Movie Maker 2 Transitions 25 New Movie Maker 2 Effects
Plus! Organic Clock
Plus! Crack Vertical
Plus! Crack Horizontal
Plus! Fizzle Vertical
Plus! Drain
Plus! Evaporate
Plus! Fire Iris
Plus! Fire Vertical
Plus! Flow Iris
Plus! Flow Horizontal
Plus! Flow Split
Plus! Organic Iris
Plus! Texture
Plus! Texture Diagonal
Plus! Texture Horizontal Wide
Plus! Texture Iris
Plus! Texture Horizontal
Plus! Texture Split
Plus! Rip Vertical
Plus! Erode Vertical
Plus! Evaporate Vertical
Plus! Random Scan
Plus! Star05
Plus! Star10
Plus! Snow
Plus! Desaturate
Plus! Negative
Plus! Negative Cool
Plus! Negative Warm
Plus! Wild
Plus! Wilder
Plus! Wildest
Plus! Wild Soft
Plus! Wilder Soft
Plus! Wildest Soft
Plus! Wildest Softer
Plus! Exotic Red
Plus! Exotic Blue
Plus! Exotic Green
Plus! Color Warp1
Plus! Color Warp2
Plus! Color Warp3
Plus! Noise White
Plus! Spots Black
Plus! Spots White
Plus! Spots Mixed
Plus! Streaks Horizontal
Plus! Streaks Vertical
Plus! Textured
Plus! Textured More


October 2003 Update - There is a free update for existing Plus! Digital Media Edition Owners - Don't own Plus! DME? Buy it today...
The Ultimate Digital Photo, Music, and Movie Enhancement Pack for Windows XP just got better. Plus! Digital Media Edition Update Oct 2003

Already a huge value for only $19.95 (US), this free update for existing customers and new-purchasers includes brand-new features and enhancements for two of the most popular features of Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition, including the new Plus! Photo Story 2 with Video CD burning and more Plus! Dancers.

Plus! Photo Story 2 with Video CD Burning
Easily create, edit, and share digital photos with effects, music, and narration. This update adds Plus! Photo Story 2, with Video CD burning for sharing photo stories on standard CD-R discs that play in most home DVD players, a new Picture Chooser that integrates with MSN Groups or Picture It: Digital Image Suite 9, and edit/save support!

Read more about using Photo Story 2 to create fantastic video slideshows.

More Plus! Dancers
With over 2 Million downloads, Plus! Dancers are a phenomenon. Turn your desktop into a virtual dance floor with more styles and sizes. Get more dancers including new styles such as Country/Western, Cheer, 60's Retro, and Hoofing/Tap, and select animated characters - with more being added all the time. Additional Updates

We have recently enhanced the Microsoft Plus! experience and are releasing the following update to Plus! Digital Media Edition.

This update also includes all prior updates and fixes minor issues with Plus! Analog Recorder and Plus! Dancers discovered since the release of Plus! Digital Media Edition. Specifically, this update adds support for:

  • Improved Analog Recorder performance.
  • Support for PC suspend/hibernate actions when running Plus! Dancer.
  • More...........



Download more Movie Maker Effects!

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