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Joined: 04-15-2007 11:14 AM
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| Hardware: ASUS G73SW-A1, i7-2630QM CPU, 8 GB RAM,
| NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M (4095 MB, DirectX 11, Shader Model 5),
| Dual 500 GB internal hard drives.
| Software: Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Movie Maker 6, Expression Encoder, Freemake
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Re: PIP Plus converted to Vista 5/17/2016 5:44:48 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I was able to access DPL's files through the Wayback Machine. This link is the last date (Dec. 30, 2015) the pages were still there: https://web.archive.org/web/20141230133455/http://pleabo.home.comcast.net/~pleabo/MovieMaker/

Re: ShaderTFX 64bit? 2/23/2016 1:09:57 AM   (Total replies: 0)
I just tried it now and both the site and download work for me.

Re: DPL Saturate/Desaturate Effects 8/8/2011 12:48:39 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi Patrick, The link here on the forum works but the link on the web page doesn't. The working link points to DPL_Saturation_FX_Installer.exe The broken link points to DPL_Saturate_FX_Installer.exe

Re: Clip Archive Update Added Over 550 particleIllusion Clips 7/24/2011 9:25:07 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Thank you Neo! I've downloaded a few and will have fun playing with them.

Re: DPL Vignette Effects for ShaderTFX 1/22/2011 11:18:45 PM   (Total replies: 0)
By golly, PatrickL, you did it again! I'll be using these a lot. Thank you so much!

Re: Downloading Movie maker 6.0.6002.18273 version 8/5/2011 10:44:31 PM   (Total replies: 2)
At Blaine's blog <a href="http://movies.blainesville.com/p/wmm-60-on-windows-7.html">here</a>. The 32-bit version is 6.0.6002.18273. And if anyone wants to know... The 64-bit version is 6.0.6002.18005.

Re: Downloading Movie maker 6.0.6002.18273 version 8/6/2011 9:52:48 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Do you have 64-bit Windows 7? The original version you asked about is the 32-bit.

Re: "Moving Titles, Layered" Modification 1/6/2012 6:17:39 PM   (Total replies: 0)
glow did this for XP: <post>17398</post>. I took that and changed it to get it working in WMM6. It's something to start with? Play with it using Rehan's instructions to get what you need. <TransitionsAndEffects Version="2.8"> <Titles> <TitleDLL guid="TFX"> <Title name="Moving Titles, Line 2 Only" iconid="13"> <Param name="Animation" value="TitleMultiTitles" /> <Param name="Description" value="Large Transparent Background Text only" /> <Param ...

Re: Split Screen on Video? 8/5/2011 4:18:01 PM   (Total replies: 0)
That cannot be done in Live. You can do it in 6.0 with some add-ons. <a href="http://movies.blainesville.com/p/wmm-60-on-windows-7.html">Blaine's 6.0 install</a> <a href="http://www.rehanfx.org/shader.htm">Rehan's ShaderTFX</a> <a href="http://blog.rehanfx.org/2007/09/split-transitions-for-movie-maker-v6.html">Rehan's Split Transitions</a>

Re: Help with advanced effects 7/24/2011 1:42:20 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Possibly the effects that are not working for you require a graphics card Shader Model higher than what you have. I know some of Patrick's effects require a level 3.0 or better. The utility GPU-Z (<a href="http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/">available here</a>) will tell you what level you have in item "DirectX Support." It's indicated on the Graphics Card tab on the right side about half way down.

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