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Audio stopped working on project but still plays when saved/published 11/5/2014 3:01:26 AM   (Total replies: 1)
I have Windows Movie Maker Version 2012 (build 16.4.3528.0331) I have been working on a project for a few days and then stopped for about a week or so as I was waiting for more files from someone to add to it. I have since gone back into the project to finish the changes but now the audio that I have added no longer plays when in edit mode. The MP3s still play just fine outside of WMM and I even converted them to .wma and import them into a new test WMM project, yet they don't play anymore ...

Fading overlay image in and out / windows 7 / mm 6 9/20/2013 3:40:38 AM   (Total replies: 2)
So i have been looking all over this forum, papajons website, other sites this has linked to as well as ones i have found via google search but still cant figure this out and now am trying to figure out if it is even possible. I used a script from papa jons for image overlays ( Starter Kit for Vista's MM6) and it has an image over lay fade in/out called PapaJohn Overlay fading 1 and 2 and when i use that the images dont fade they just suddenly appear and then suddenly disappear but with no ...

Re: Fading overlay image in and out / windows 7 / mm 6 9/21/2013 12:17:42 AM   (Total replies: 1)
cool thanks! much appreciated.

Re: Fading overlay image in and out / windows 7 / mm 6 9/22/2013 12:28:47 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Everything is working great with this now. fades in and out. Only 1 question and maybe this is already answered somewhere else. How do you keep the images at a good quality? When i go to full screen the image overlay is really choppy would a larger image work better? or would a higher dpi work better or what? I used the size you have in your up-loader and thats kinda choppy as well the larger the video is played. thanks

Re: Fading overlay image in and out / windows 7 / mm 6 9/28/2013 12:27:24 AM   (Total replies: 0)
Ahhh saving it did the trick, i had not tried saving it yet as i am still trying to get all the effects and such i want to use figured out so i was just dropping in sample clips in the preview but never saved anything. but i went back and saved it and it worked just fine now. now i just need to figure out how to use the video from my canon 50d (mov) into movie maker still at the HD quality!

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