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Joined: 11 Nov 2014 05:00 PM
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Refresh overlay image for scoreboard updates 11/11/2014 5:11:45 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I have an app that updates scores on a web page and another app that captures that small scoreboard to produce a cropped image (PNG) to use as an overlay. The original system was created for Windows Media Encoder and quite complex. Unfortunately it was Vista era and the WME overlay filter doesn't work in Windows 7 so I need a new method for overlaying scoreboards. With Windows Move Maker I can overlay the scoreboard image but I need it to refresh every n seconds to display the updated ...

Re: Refresh overlay image for scoreboard updates 11/13/2014 7:36:32 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I tried Microsoft Expression Encoder and found that the overlay is applied to the whole/part with no refresh or opportunity for live update. Compared to WME it is useless for overlaying a scoreboard in real time.

Re: How To: Create an overlay effect on WLMM 11/11/2014 7:45:02 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I followed the instructions here and that worked fine, but I am hoping for a color that can be used in the overlay image that can be clear. My problem is that the image is created on the fly as a screenshot of a webpage scoreboard and there is no way to make any area "clear". So the ideal workaround for me would be to make the webpage background a chroma-key type color that Movie maker will treat as clear. Is that possible?

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