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Joined: 04-26-2011 10:24 PM
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Re: Rehan's ShaderTFX - Installation Problem 4/26/2011 10:31:12 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I can't seem to intall Rehan's ShaderTFX period. I have Windows 7, 64 bit, and Windows Movie Maker 6.0. Everytime I click on the "ShaderTFX version 1.1.045" download button at the webpage ( http://www.rehanfx.org/shader.htm ), nothing happens. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Re: Rehan's ShaderTFX - Installation Problem 4/28/2011 5:46:38 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I've already tried right clicking and clicking on the "Save Target As", but it doesn't work. A box appears that says "Getting File Information", but the box that's suppose to pop up to save the file doesn't appear. I have Internet Explorer 8, and I can download files from other websites with no problem. Also, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the issue, but every time I go to the Rehan's ShaderTFX download page, I get a warning from my virus protection saying that there are ...

Re: Rehan's ShaderTFX - Installation Problem 4/28/2011 11:19:45 PM   (Total replies: 0)
It's McAfee. It came with my laptop. And that's what I did. I ignored the warning when I tried to download Rehan's ShaderTFX.

No Sound Playing MPEG Videos in WMM 6.0 8/7/2011 8:19:40 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi. I recently encountered this strange problem with my movie maker. I would first like to mention that I have WMM 6.0 on a Windows 7 laptop. For some odd reason, my MPEG videos stopped playing with sound. They had always played perfectly up until now. I've also found out that my avi videos play just fine. Would this problem be a result of somehow losing a specific codec? I once had a problem on a Windows XP computer where my MPEG videos wouldn't import to my movie maker (which was WMM 2.0) ...

Re: No Sound Playing MPEG Videos in WMM 6.0 8/7/2011 11:15:39 PM   (Total replies: 1)
When I go to Tools > Options > Compatibility > the only thing I see is an AVI decompressor, which I believe doesn't end in an .ax.

Re: No Sound Playing MPEG Videos in WMM 6.0 8/18/2011 6:04:31 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I downloaded both of them, and nothing has changed.

Re: No Sound Playing MPEG Videos in WMM 6.0 9/9/2011 10:32:30 PM   (Total replies: 1)
I'm not sure if I'm able to do a system restore, but I would really not like to. I've tried reinstalling WMM, and the audio worked for a day or two, but then it stopped working soon after. Thank you for the link. I have tried searching for converters, but I could never find any at a price I am willing to pay and that worked well. I will definately try it.

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