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Joined: 01-14-2015 06:54 PM
Last Login: 08-23-2016 11:38 PM
Website: http://soundimage.org
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Eric Matyas has contributed to 214 out of 257,776 total posts (0.08% of total).
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Free Music/SFX Resource - Over 1500 Tracks 1/14/2015 7:01:05 PM   (Total replies: 4)
Hi everyone, I've got a site up with free music that you can use in commercial projects, non-commercial, personal, whatever you like. It's all free...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage: <a href="http://soundimage.org/">http://soundimage.org/</a> I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. All the best, Eric

Re: Free Music Resource 1/19/2015 3:54:01 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, This week's new free tracks are: “Quiet Tension” (on the Dark/Ominous Page) http://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ “Still of Morning” (on the Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow Page) http://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ “Desert Crossing” (on the Nature/Science Page) http://soundimage.org/naturescience/ “Magnificent Blue” (on the Nature/Science Page) http://soundimage.org/naturescience/ “Cop Show 2085″ (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ I've ...

Re: Free Music Resource 2/16/2015 7:40:44 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, New free tracks are ready for everyone: “Sci-Fi Close 2″- (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ “Ant Invaders” (on the Funny/Quirky/Weird Page) http://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ “Back Story” (on the Fantasy Page) http://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ “City of Tomorrow” (on the Technology Page) http://soundimage.org/techno/ “Digital Fallout_v001″- (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ I've also started a new Facebook ...

Re: Free Music Resource 3/2/2015 1:00:19 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, New free tracks are ready: “Home Forest” (on the Fantasy Page) http://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ “Panoramic Dystopia” (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ “Dream Voyager” (on the Fantasy Page) http://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ “Mountainside” (on the Quiet/ Peaceful/Mellow Page) http://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ “Young Visionaries” (on the Technology Page) http://soundimage.org/techno/ I'm also posting daily updates on ...

Re: Free Music Resource 3/9/2015 7:38:31 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, New free tracks are ready: “Impossible Decision” (on the Introspective/Emotions Page.) http://soundimage.org/introspective/ “Drama in the Caribbean” (on the Drama Page.) http://soundimage.org/drama/ “The Seventy Seas” (on the Fantasy Page.) http://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ “Pond at Twilight” (on the Quiet/ Peaceful/Mellow Page.) http://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ “The Trees Wake Up” (on the Nature/Science Page.) ...

Re: Free Music Resource 3/16/2015 7:50:31 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, New free tracks are ready: “Autumn Changes” (on the Introspective/Emotions Page) http://soundimage.org/introspective/ “Special Time” (on the brand new Events Page) http://soundimage.org/events/ “Hong Kong Midnight” (on the Urban Page) http://soundimage.org/urban/ “Dancing on Clouds” (on the Upbeat Page) http://soundimage.org/cool-and-mellow/ “Future Red Light District” (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ I'm also posting daily updates ...

Re: Free Music Resource 3/23/2015 8:50:58 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, Looping tracks are here...yay! I've had a lot of requests for looping tracks, so I've begun creating and posting them. At the moment, most of them are on the "Fantasy" page, but there's also one on the "Action" page as well as the "Sci-fi/Space" page. Here's your weekly list of new tracks: “Racing Menu” – LOOPING – (on the Action Page) http://soundimage.org/action/ “Bitter Sweet Goodbye” (on the Drama Page) http://soundimage.org/drama/ “Tiki Breeze” (on the ...

Re: Free Music Resource 3/30/2015 6:39:34 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, Here are your new free tracks for the week: “Secret Tunnels” – (on the Dark/Ominous Page) http://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ “Whimsical Popsicle” – LOOPING – (on the Funny/Quirky/Weird Page) http://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ “Cool Adventure Intro” – LOOPING – (on the Action Page) “Frantic Game Play” – LOOPING – (on the Action Page) http://soundimage.org/action/ “Mysterious Magic” – LOOPING – (on the Fantasy Page) “Game Menu_v001″ – LOOPING - (on the ...

Re: Free Music Resource 4/14/2015 8:57:10 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, Been under the weather, but managed to get some new tracks done. Hope they are useful: “Across New Mexico” (on the Drama Page) http://soundimage.org/drama/ “Cirrus Clouds” (on the Nature/Science Page) http://soundimage.org/naturescience/ “Futuristic Detective Theme” (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ “Thumbing Across Alaska” (on the Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow Page) http://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ “The Monkey Island Band Returns” ...

Re: Free Music Resource 4/27/2015 6:07:21 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi everyone, New free tracks are waiting for you: “When Machines Dream” (on the Sci-Fi/Space Page) http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ “Secret Catacombs” (on the History Page) http://soundimage.org/ancient/ “Dance of the Satellites” (on the Technology Page) http://soundimage.org/techno/ “Back on Your Feet” (on the Drama Page) http://soundimage.org/drama/ “Digital Downtown” (on the Fantasy Page) http://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ Feel free to check here for daily updates: ...

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