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 Author Thread: ShaderTFX problem under WMM 6.0
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ShaderTFX problem under WMM 6.0
Posted: 09 Oct 2017 01:25 PM

I just bought a shiny new computer with all top-category equipment I require for muh video series. Unfortunately, Windows 10 refused to install Movie Maker 2, and even if I copied it from muh older machine, all videos were blank, and WMM 2 refused to export a movie. In other wordz, I had no choice but to change to WMM 6.0.

Well as you can imagine, the basic effects and transitions are mighty few for such highly renowned video creator like me, so I desired more. I could install Blaine's stuff without problemz, however, ShaderTFX gave me a serious headache.

Yup, the usual. Upon finishing the installation, I get the "can't register OCX/DLL file, RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3". Ignoring the error message will result all transitions and effects unusable (effects don't work, and the transitions are mere fading).
I noticed there were many peoplez wit' the same issue, so I experimented with the solutions they mentioned. Run as Administrator, allow everything under "Security" tab, but alas, no luck, the error persists. I tried to install DirectX 9, however, after unpacking the .cab files, the installer simply quits, no error messages, no nothing...and the error persists.

So as a very last resort, I decided to register here, and try to find a solution how to eradicate this problem. Any good ideas? Maybe there'z a hard way to manually register these files and sh*t, or something, since the ShaderTFX installer DID unpack the ShaderTFX.dll file.
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