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Windows Movie Maker  > Add-ons and Updates for Windows Movie Maker  > RehanFX not working on WMM 6.0, Win7 x64    
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 Author Thread: RehanFX not working on WMM 6.0, Win7 x64
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RehanFX not working on WMM 6.0, Win7 x64
Posted: 04 Jun 2016 06:09 PM
This may sound like a broken record to some old timers, but I just cannot get the Rehan FX transitions or effects to work, no matter what. I did some extensive Googling, and already scanned through few pages on these forums + the comments under the DL links of WMM6, trying all the suggestions given to those that came before me.

My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate x64, my user account has Admin rights by default + UAC off, and I run WMM with Admin rights (+ tried using Vista compatibility mode). I'm an active gamer, so my DirectX files and GPU drivers for Nvidia GTX 560ti are constantly up to date. I have restarted the program and Windows several times. I got the program itself run on my system using the "install moviemk dlls.cmd" -file on unpacked files, as the .msi installer itself never starts properly (and it's compatibility settings are greyed out?).

Windows Movie Maker 6 itself runs fine, the stock effects/transitions work fine... it's just anything by Rehan either results the default "Fade" transition, or turns the video clip all black.

Is there anything else I could do anymore? I could theoretically live with the stock WMM effects, but that'd mean sacrificing lots of artistic ideas I had. And we all know the WLMM is a total joke.
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Re: RehanFX not working on WMM 6.0, Win7 x64
Posted: 03 Aug 2016 08:07 PM
I've kinda given up on trying to get RehanFX to work on my Windows 10 Home 64bit PC. I've gone through several attempts to uninstall/reinstall both WMM 6.0 and RehanFX with no success. I did note that when I uninstalled WMM 6.0, none of its registry entries were removed. Ditto for uninstalling RehanFX. I've searched the registry for any possible invalid entries but have come up blank.

DirectX-9 is installed (especially the one matching the date-stamp of the one in the RehanFX folder) but the size of the version installed by the DirectX installer is larger than the RehanFX version. Any attempt to register the RehanFX Directx9 dll comes up with an error. On other video forums, I've seen several other reports of failure of this package to work on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

After several emails that resulted in a rehashing of the uninstall/reinstall edict and nothing more, I've decided I have more important things to do than fight with a programmer half a world away about a software tool designed for an out of date operating system that is not compatible with and not tested to work on any other OS than Vista. I've offered detailed accounts of my tests and noted the directx size inconsistency but have not had any explanations or meaningful help.
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