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 Author Thread: Loss Of Quility When I Edit In Movie Maker
AlatarTheRed is not online. Last active: 5/18/2016 4:01:48 PM AlatarTheRed
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Loss Of Quility When I Edit In Movie Maker
Posted: 17 May 2016 09:37 PM
I record with Nividia Shadow Play and when I view the recordings in movies and TV they look fine however when I move them to Movie Maker to edit and upload there is an extreme loss of quality making them unfit for viewing. Is there a way to stop this loss of quality.

I'm on windows 10
FrodeFender is not online. Last active: 5/30/2018 8:48:47 PM FrodeFender
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Re: Loss Of Quility When I Edit In Movie Maker
Posted: 09 Oct 2016 12:19 AM
Witch Movie Maker version are you running? Are you certain it is not just only the preview video render that could be selecting internaly the wrong/failsafe wmv codec for playback of the preview window? What I mean is, have you tested to publish (render) the work, with high bitrate, HD resolution and frames pr. second (Interlaced/Progressive) and then checked the final result in Windows Media Player?Smiley

My Vista 6.0 (has lots of tweaks and modding files) sometimes acts the same way you describe when I multitask with several video rendering jobs at the same time and gives me REALLY bad quality playback in the preview window. But when I publish the project it's always clean an of high quality. I've made a lot of video profiles (C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\Profiles\*.PRX extension) to take full control of the quality of the output. Should be quite easy to get a hold on some good full hd PRX files around the web. Newer Movie Maker versions is written in a total different way and has yet to impress me to much, but Movie Maker Live on Windows 7 renders ok for me as long as I choose a high bitrate setting. This forces the encoder to use Constant Bitrate (CBR) instead of Variable Bitrate. VBR severely reduces the quality of compressed areas of the picture and I only use it for live/streaming projects when connection bandwith is low/slow....

Personally I never render any wmv project in less than minimum 12500 or 22500 kbits bitrate. Usually I save at 44500 kbits bitrate, 1920 x 1080 pixels and make sure I take care of any Interlaced artifacts since I prefer the progressive PAL standard (25 frps\50 or 60) The result is always crystal clear and is as good as both MOV and MP4 formats i've testet. Microsofts internal Mp4 encoder on Movie Maker Live is sadly not even close though to the WMV9 Pro render in quality of noise re sampling and compression artifacts.

I strongly recommend a tweak tool like CODEC TWEAK TOOL to be able to bypass Microsofts "failsafe" video codec solution" to modify and config how Microsoft programs use the internally (Microsofts own "Media foundation" instead of standard DirectShow/Dxwa etc drivers) library if i want to use a different WMV/.264 - Mp4/Mov/etc encoder or decoder.

Hoping you find out where the problem lays! Good luck!

Let me knwow if you use the Vista 6.0 version and need a good quality PRX video config profile file to try out!Wink;D

TCB! :)
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Re: Loss Of Quility When I Edit In Movie Maker
Posted: 06 Jan 2017 07:41 AM
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Re: Loss Of Quility When I Edit In Movie Maker
Posted: 07 Apr 2017 04:56 AM
Evert tried to rename or convert your Nividia Shadow Play .mp4 recordings to .wmv format and then try to start editing with Windows Movie Maker?
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