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 Author Thread: Audio jumps when track is split
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Audio jumps when track is split
Posted: 20 May 2015 07:10 PM
The movie I am making is mostly jpegs with some video clips interspersed. I am trying to put music in the background and I split the audio tracks so I could adjust the volume down when the video starts and back up when the video ends. Everything sounds perfect when I preview it and when I check the numbers as far as when the audio track starts and stops everything looks right. However, when I finish the movie and save the whole thing, at the point where the audio track is split the track jumps back by about a second. The tracks are popular songs so the jump is noticeable and jarring. I do want the track to play at a low volume during the clip, but that means I have a jump at the beginning of the clip and again at the end- it sounds terrible! I have tried removing and re-adding the songs several times and each time it sounds perfect on the preview but the finished movie has the jump. I am trying to finish this vid for my niece's graduation in two days, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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