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 Author Thread: PapaJohn's Overlays
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PapaJohn's Overlays
Posted: 13 Mar 2013 10:56 AM
I just learned that I have a problem have a problem with the basic PapaJohn Overlays. (If this is not the corect place to post this, please let me know.)

I have Windows 7 64-bit and Movie Maker 6.0 and downloaded the Basic PapaJohn Overlay Starter kit when I first got this computer. I am having a problem now and, for the first time, looked in my Shared folder and saw that although there are images for the ten PapaJohn Overlays, in the AddOnTFX folder there is only the XML for the first four of the Overlays. The XML for Overlays 5 through 10 are no here that I can see. When I open Movie Maker 6.0 there are, again, only the first four PapaJohn Overlays.

I have never before had reason to open the XML folder or try to use more than the first four PapaJohn Overlays. So I did not know until now that I had this problem, none of the other overlays are shown.

Does this problem mean that I need to download the PapaJohn Overlays again?

Is there a special Windows 7 64-bit version of the PapaJohn Overlays that I must use?

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