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 Author Thread: Here's the strange part
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Here's the strange part
Posted: 05 Nov 2011 03:02 PM
This question is from a friend who feels she doesn't feel know enough of the terminology to put it to the forum, herself.

She is using WMM6. She has no problem publishing a video consisting of pictures and music to her computer, regardless of the format of either. She has never been able to add video clips, along with the pictures and music, and get the final video to publish, regardless of the format of the added video clip.

I asked her exactly what happens when she attempts to publish the video, for example, does she get any kind of error. She says when she presses the 'Publish' button, the screen 'turns whitish', locks up, and she cannot continue.

She sent me one of her small video clips, that would cause this problem. I put it in my WMM6. It would publish to my computer. Here's the strange part: I sent her the re published video clip. She put it in WMM, and was able to publish it! I cannot fathom what running it through my WMM would cause it to then be able to publish on her computer.

This friend is very serious about adding video clips to her videos. She wants to make videos of family gatherings and share them with her relatives. Any suggestions as to what to look for while trying to solve this problem be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Here's the strange part
Posted: 05 Nov 2011 05:02 PM
Most likely the clip is not in .wmv format. Other clip types have limited compatibility with WMM. They may work if your system has the correct codec, but not work otherwise. Or it may work without edits, but not if trimmed. It sounds like you were able to publish it and turn it into a .wmv file in the process which explains why your published file works fine for her.

My suggestion would be to download Freemake Video Converter and convert all her source video files to .wmv format. WMM should have no problems with that.

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