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 Author Thread: Audio/Video Synch?
QueenCheetah is not online. Last active: 9/11/2018 6:45:08 PM QueenCheetah
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Audio/Video Synch?
Posted: 28 Jul 2010 02:19 AM

Hi! Um, first I just wanted to say thank you guys; everytime I have a problem in WMM I find the answer in this forum or on your recommended sites. You're all so helpful, and the effects you share are amazing; so thanks! :)

This is actually kind of a small problem, but if anyone has any tips I'd be happy to try them...

I've been working on an AMV in the XP WMM version, and for some reason whenever I play my video (before publishing) the audio is off by a second or two... unless I start the video from the very beginning! Then it plays perfectly fine without missing a beat- ? It's a little difficult, cuz' everytime I want to edit a clip I have to play the movie from the beginning or I can't tell where to end the clip. My computer is a little old and slow, but I've never had this problem before- any ideas? O.o

Anyway, thanks again; you guys rock.

(EDIT: Desilucy's site recommended converting my .mp3 file to a .wav file, but that didn't seem to do anything...)
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