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 Author Thread: FAQ - Many Questions Answered
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FAQ - Many Questions Answered
Posted: 24 Apr 2007 06:57 PM
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Movie Making

This is a small guide with a range of frequently asked questions related to movie making and other computer related topics. Credit for gathering these questions into a FAQ goes to 'cameron'.

Q1: How do I reverse a video?
Windows Movie Maker is unable to reverse video even with a custom effect. The architecture doesn't allow direct referencing of frames to reverse the order.

However, you can get a free video reversing program.

We used to recommend a French program called Xander's Video Time Reversal, but now you can get it in English: view post 164643
Instructions for Video Time Reversal :
1. Convert movie to .avi
2. Start Video_Time_Reversal.exe
3. Click Open to browse for your clip saved in step 1 or 2
4. Click Reverse Avi - the output is videoname.AVI.reverse.avi which you can
import back into your video editing software.
6. Click Exit

Q2: How do I convert a WMM project to WMV?
1. Open up the project with WMM.
2. Select File > Save Movie File

Q3: How do I make Light Saber Effects?
Using a program called LS Maker . For more help with this program, check their LS Maker Forums

Q4: What are bluescreen, greenscreen and comp A add B

Bluescreen, greenscreen and Comp A add B are effects
(transitions in WMM) that ignore a colour of one clip, and overlay the rest onto
another clip. So if I had a clip with a blue background and used bluescreen with
another clip, the parts of the clip that are not blue will overlay on top of the
other clip. Greenscreen ignores the green and Comp A Add B ignores the black
background colours of a clip.

Q5: Where can I find the Bluescreen and Comp A add B

Bluescreen and Comp A Add B are the most effective for
Chroma Keying with WMM because they have tolerance (see post 39567) and black is an easy colour to get exact. Use this
tutorial and look under
the overlaying section.

Q6: What do I do with custom effects/titles/transitions
I found/made?

Copy and paste the xml code into NOTEPAD and Save As: YOU GIVE NAME HERE.xml extension in folder C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX. Create the AddOnTFX folder if necessary. restart WMM. The .XML is the Important part.

Q7: Where can I find free stock footage?
There are a couple sites
which offer free stock footage but remember there is a difference between free
and *royalty free.
Demolition Films, my
small archive and
Chiconet and the following are
different. Some sites offer previews for their footage in QuickTime formats
which can be downloaded and converted into formats usable in your videos...
1. Right click save targetas the movie file.
1. Open an html editor to
find the source of the movie file then right click save target as.
2. Convert the video using
SUPER Converter or a similar
free video converter.
Voila, it is now in a format usable in your video projects, enjoy!

Q8: How can I convert between most video formats for free?
As said above, use the
SUPER Converter
which is fairly straight forward but
nonetheless easy to use.

Q9: How can I censor face or other parts of a video for free?
Using a free program it is possible to censor any part of a
video (such as faces, signs...)The program is called
LSMaker and was originally made for the use of making
Light Sabre effects. Use this
tutorial to
help you.

Q10: How can I convert video to audio files?
This is very easy. In WMM simply drag the video onto the audio bar on the timeline.

Q11: Can I trim parts of the screen?
Using a free video editor called Virtual Dub we can.
1. Open the video using V-Dub (you may have to convert first).
2. Video >Filters >Add
Filter >Null Transform >Ok >Cropping >Crop to your liking >Ok > Ok
3. Now Save as to save it back to avi.
This is useful for removing logo's.

Q12: How can I share my videos to others over the internet?
There are many free file hosting services on the internet which allow the hosting, sharing, and sending of files.
Some good hosts for online viewing videos are putfile.com, video.google.com and youtube.com.
The only flaw to these is that google and youtube convert the video to flash, which although is a smaller file size will have lower quality videos.
If you wish to have your files hosted where they can be downloaded check out

Q13: Where can I have a website hosted for free?
There are plenty of good free
web hosts out there. For a couple check out
, www.gigcities.com and
http://www.free-webhosts.com/ for an
archive of them complete with reviews.

Q14: How can I add a Video in the titles of WMM?
Trugga has made a great tool for generating xml code for use with wmm.
Visit here
to use the tool.
It is very straight forward, just remember to name the .png image as you specified and into the 'AddOnTFX'
folder. BTW, .png images are images with layers -in this case of transparency. To make them for free use GIMP or Paint.Net.

Q15: How can I make animations for free?
There is a free animation program called anim8or which allows you to model, texture, animate and convert to .avi.
Overall it will take a little time getting used to but nonetheless free and excellent. The main site has a tutorials section and a forum for further reference.

Q16: How do I format my posts? (bold, links, etc.)
Depending on which forum software you are using, most forums run off code which does not accept most forms of html code in posts. On this forum (WMM), it accepts a couple of codes. If I wanted to make Donkey Bold, I would write. <b>Donkey</b>
And it would look like Donkey
If I wanted to italicise it aswell I would write <b><i>Donkey</i></b>
And it would look like: Donkey
Now hyperlinking is a little trickier but follows the same code. In this case I am going to link to google: Click to go to Google
It would look like: <a href="http://www.google.com"> Click to go to Google </a>
Be sure to put the full URL starting with http:// in between the quotes, and type what you want to be displayed for the link where it says 'Click to go to Google'.

Q17: How can I make 2D animations for free?
You often see 2D animations on the net like stick figure fighting or the like. There are not many free ways to do this however if you are willing to pay use Macromedia Flash which is one of the most popular commercial programs. As always there's a downgraded program with similar features for free. Atani is one. It costs but the trial lasts forever and has a watermark in the corner. Big deal, it can be removed as I said above ^.
There is one final way to make 2D animations using WMM and the image editor of your choice (lets say paint). Good free image programs are GIMP and Paint.Net.
Using paint we can make a whole bunch of pictures, each frame slightly different from the one before, which when played together quickly resembles an animation. You can add voice overs using sound recorders and add sound fx just as you would a normal video. I would recommend there be atleast 5 pictures per second (fps) for a decent quality video.

Q18: Is there any way to turn videos into animated pictures?
Using a free program, called the Microsoft GIF Animator this can be done with the click of a button. It is very straight forward and can be very helpful with getting signatures on forums.

Q19: How can I convert between audio formats?
Using an excellant freeware audio editor called Audacity we can.
1: Open the audio with whichever player you please.
2: Using audacity, hit record. (for best quality select speakers).
3: Download the mp3 codec to save the recording as an mp3 file.
Basically, if it can be played it can be converted. Otherwise the audio is worthless anyway.

Q20: Why can't my friend view my .mswmm Project file on their PC?
A .mswmm file is not a movie file. It is a file that holds information for Movie Maker such as where videos are, what effects have been added to them, how long they are on the time line and so on. By saving it as a Movie file (By going to File > Save As Movie... and following the wizard) you will compress all the data into one making it viewable on other computers or other viewing device.

Movie Maker (Custom Titles, Effects. etc.)Cool
WMM 6.0 on Windows 7 or 8
YouTube videos
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