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1.Re: How-To: Thread tags and formatting posts.
Posted by samhogy on 5/11/2006 10:37:22 AM
view user samhogy
2.Any way to extract audio from a WMV?
Posted by samhogy on 3/15/2006 5:02:37 PM
I don't think this is possible on Movie Maker, but...

My camcorder has terrible sound quality, but nothing Audacity can't fix. The audio only exists as part of the WMV format, is it possible to extract this, so to speak, for editing in Audacity?
3.Re: Any way to extract audio from a WMV?
Posted by samhogy on 3/16/2006 11:49:24 AM
Thanks very much, I'm busy giving it a try now. You too really deserve that 'MVP' title :D
4.Re: Any way to extract audio from a WMV?
Posted by samhogy on 3/16/2006 12:13:07 PM
No problem! I've had a qucik go, and it's working fine. It's gonna take some work as it only seems to be filtering out the selected portions of background noise, rather than applyin the removal to the entire file. But, if thats the way it works I can live with it!!
5.Re: Pixelate In Effect for Vista
Posted by samhogy on 10/26/2008 5:25:13 AM
It's also possible to keep the pixellated level the same throughout a video clip - useful if you want to pixellate for identity protection.

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="2.8">
<EffectDLL guid="TFX">
<Effect name="PixelateIn dpl" iconid="19" guid="Pixelate Constantly" comment="Pixelate In" shadermodel="2">
<Param ...
6.Re: Freeware to convert .wmV to .mov?
Posted by samhogy on 5/24/2006 1:18:15 PM
Does it add any watermarks to the footage, and can it be used to convert to DVDs (I'm not good with formats so if .mov is DVD then I'll shut up lmao)
7.Re: DPL 3D Cube RotationB (Take 2) Transitions for ShaderTFX
Posted by samhogy on 2/29/2008 2:35:11 PM
Man this stuff is impressive, keep up the good work mate! Once I catch up with this whole ShaderTFX business I'll be a happy manSmiley
8.Re: Pictures as subtitles?
Posted by samhogy on 4/9/2006 6:05:15 PM
Rehan, that is one excellent transition. Thank you very much. :D
9.Re: Audio Extracting Help
Posted by samhogy on 3/14/2006 3:49:23 PM
Is there any way to extract the audio - ie the voices - as the sound recording quality on my camcorder is poor and needs to be used in Audacity??
10.Re: Frame that looks like a TV
Posted by samhogy on 3/26/2006 7:35:34 AM
I use Firefox. Anyways, Rehan and Considerate Guy were helping to solve this in a different thread, and now I have got the video playing inside the TV frame, but there is a black border around the TV too!
11.Re: Frame that looks like a TV
Posted by samhogy on 2/15/2006 10:18:56 AM
I can't get it to work, the TV does not load. It's named correctly and stored in the right location.
12.Re: james bond effect......
Posted by samhogy on 12/6/2006 8:51:46 AM
Courtesy of Rehan and HittheBongo...

You'll need the PIP+ plugin obtained from Rehan's Site There is a free trial. Now, download and install that. Next, we look onto Hitthebongo's Site and download these packs. You're lucky these are in a zip file, easier to work with. Now, extract them as you would a normal zip file. It should come up ...
13.Re: james bond effect......
Posted by samhogy on 12/6/2006 10:21:38 AM
OK, best bet is to get a picture of it off the internet. On an image-editing program like Fireworks or Photoshop, make the centre (where James Bond stands) completely transparent.

Then, save it as "bond.png" into the AddOnTFX folder.

Copy and paste the following XML code into Notepad, and save as "bond.xml" (type that exactly as your filename) into the AddOnTFX folder.

<TransitionsAndEffects ...
14.Re: james bond effect......
Posted by samhogy on 12/7/2006 8:32:25 AM
LolTongue out
15.Re: Effect needed...(urgent)
Posted by samhogy on 3/1/2007 8:25:57 AM
You're in luck, I made a Particle Illusion file with rain falling.

Download it from here

Now you need the "Comp A Add B Transition" this can be found below:

<TransitionsAndEffects Version="1.0">
<TransitionDLL guid="{9A43A844-0831-11D1-817F-0000F87557DB}" >
16.Re: Effect needed...(urgent)
Posted by samhogy on 3/8/2007 8:52:11 AM
It seems to be working OK for me...
17.External Sound Recorder
Posted by samhogy on 6/26/2009 8:40:14 AM
Hey guys,

I'm looking to get a new camcorder, and as a result I'd also like to find some device that can be used to externally record sound (eg dictaphone, DAT, or minidisc).

I'm not looking to spend a considerable amount of money that I don't have on this; just need something with an acceptable quality, for a reasonably cheap price.

Any advice/recommendations?

18.Re: External Sound Recorder
Posted by samhogy on 7/3/2009 9:47:45 AM
Probably no more than £50 for the external sound recorder. The camera is £150.
19.Re: Desaturation
Posted by samhogy on 6/17/2006 9:59:41 AM
Hey - I managed to do this using the desaturation effect above and the filters at www.danielfx.moo.no - check out my demo video here:


Once again I must stress how vital it is that you try not to get any sky in the shot as it will not change - although getting a tiny bit of sky looks great for a twilight scene. I'm sure this can be improved on by using the light filter in Ulead, by creating a silver light (moonlight) with a blue ...
20.Re: Desaturation
Posted by samhogy on 6/14/2006 4:49:55 PM
I asked a question about this on the other thread - but forgot to mention thanks a bunch for this! I've been searching every nook and cranny trying to find this - thanks to you I can now head along with my grand masterplan of turning a day clip into a night clip!
21.Re: Desaturation
Posted by samhogy on 6/15/2006 10:47:46 AM
If you desaturate a bit, and add a blue filter (im still working on the most suitable hex value for this), then you can change the atmosphere of your shot and make it appear like night-time. Of course, as soon as you get a part of the sky in your clip you're essentially nackered, and the effect will just look like a twilight shot.
22.Re: Illuminate - Another Title To Add To Your Collection!
Posted by samhogy on 6/12/2006 12:48:14 PM
I love that effect!
23.Re: Illuminate - Another Title To Add To Your Collection!
Posted by samhogy on 6/12/2006 1:21:09 PM
Credit where it's due.
24.Re: Illuminate - Another Title To Add To Your Collection!
Posted by samhogy on 9/10/2006 1:59:04 PM
Now that's cool :-)
25.Re: Some Help Please!
Posted by samhogy on 5/17/2006 10:40:41 AM
With the Side By Side xml given, the video on the right plays perfectly, while the left is in slow motion :(
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