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1.Social Sites for Movie Lovers
Posted by rolandbaker on 6/1/2017 10:35:53 AM


Hollywood is having a pretty good summer. The latest Harry Potter flick will be the 16th $100 million earner of 2009, and the Transformers sequel has already made over $350 million at the US box office — good for a spot in the top 15 highest grossing films of all time. But if you want your movie experience to extend beyond the theater, where should you turn? For movie lovers, the social web is the place to be.

Here is a list of the top ...
2..NET Imports and JadeDotNetType
Posted by rolandbaker on 6/3/2017 8:53:43 AM
Haven't really played with .Net imports so I'm a bit lost by the JadeDotNetType class and exactly how to use it.
Bit of background, I am writing an excel export. Currently we use csv, but I now have the need to format the output, with coloured headers, bold, totals etc..
It will generate files from the server as part of an overnight job, not the client PC, but I do not want to install office on the server.
Have found a product called GemBox that looks to fit ...
3.Stabilize Shaky Videos
Posted by rolandbaker on 6/1/2017 7:14:12 AM

When recording videos on hand-held devices such as smartphones, you will probably notice that the videos can be shaky or bumpy. Now, you can smooth-out rough footage that you have recorded. This tutorial will show you how to achieve this task for free, using the Windows Movie Maker which comes with the Windows Essentials suite.

Please note that this feature is only available in the latest version of Windows Essentials 2012. You also must have ...
4.Patching and Installation Troubleshooting
Posted by rolandbaker on 6/1/2017 6:10:36 AM
Patching and installation issues are some of the more common issues that we come across in the Tech Support Forums. This thread will highlight some troubleshooting steps that have been proven to resolve most of the patching and installation issues that you as a player may encounter.

Most of the support articles linked below will include steps for both, Windows and Mac systems. However, if you require further assistance with a Mac Installation or Patching ...
5.Capturing And Digitizing Footage
Posted by rolandbaker on 6/1/2017 5:54:05 AM
To bring footage that is not already in the form of a file or set of files into a Premiere Pro project, you can capture it, or digitize it, depending on the type of source material:

Capture-: You capture digital video from a live camera or from tape: you record it from the source to the hard disk. Many digital camcorders and decks record video to tape. You capture the video from tape to the hard disk before using it in a project. Premiere Pro captures video ...
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