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1.convert mp4 to movie maker 6 compatible format?
Posted by hawaiilovesart on 1/6/2016 5:11:31 PM
hello, downloaded my youtube video so I can change it. unfortunately that saves as mp4 which will not work in move maker 6 so I need to convert the mp4 to something that will. how to do that? Tried to edit the mp4 using the hopeless movie maker 11 but that just won't work well thanks!
2.found a way that works well!
Posted by hawaiilovesart on 1/8/2016 1:40:51 PM
recommended by PC World magazine so I figured it had credibility...

online-convert.com simple, upload vid and convert then it downloads and saves.
3.show images instead of rows of blue?
Posted by hawaiilovesart on 1/6/2016 5:14:08 PM
hello, when I open a video instead of seeing images all I see is a bunch of rows of blue bars going across the screen. how can I get it to show images (I see the images on youtube tutorials) thanks!
4.close project and get out of collections view?
Posted by hawaiilovesart on 1/8/2016 3:42:09 PM
2 questions. I am in collections view and don't see how to get out of it and back to main screen.

also, after I work on a project how can I close it and get back to the main screen with no video in it after I have saved project? thanks!
5.insert a still clip image at start of movie?
Posted by hawaiilovesart on 1/6/2016 5:16:24 PM
tried to insert a still clip image at start of the movie but it will not insert. I mean an image that stays the same for awhile while we voice over. If I try to insert a title page it will not let me insert just an image, only text, far as I can find. how to put in an image?

BTW when I try to insert image at beginning, it adds it on to the END. weird.
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