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1.ShaderTFX problem under WMM 6.0
Posted by Reactor on 10/9/2017 1:25:24 PM

I just bought a shiny new computer with all top-category equipment I require for muh video series. Unfortunately, Windows 10 refused to install Movie Maker 2, and even if I copied it from muh older machine, all videos were blank, and WMM 2 refused to export a movie. In other wordz, I had no choice but to change to WMM 6.0.

Well as you can imagine, the basic effects and transitions are mighty few for such highly renowned video creator like me, so I ...
2.Re: ShaderTFX problem under WMM 6.0
Posted by Reactor on 2/6/2018 1:02:05 PM
Yes, in the earlier machine under Windows XP, it worked. I used Movie Maker 2 back then, but it refuses to run under Windows 10.
3.Converting Movie Maker 2 transitions to 6.0?
Posted by Reactor on 10/9/2017 1:29:25 PM
I happen to have a lot of nice and amazing transition effects for Windows Movie Maker 2, but alas, I had to upgrade muh machine, an' Movie Maker 2 does not work under Windows 10 anymore. So I had to change. Well, muh question is, is it possible somehow to make these Movie Maker 2 transitions to work under the 6.0 version maybe? Can it be done somehow, by someone? Some of these transitions are really kewl and yummy, it'd be a shame to let'em go.
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