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1.Only Bottom Half of Video Visible
Posted by BBM66 on 7/16/2013 11:15:09 PM
Hope someone can help!

Took video in MP4 format. Used Aimersoft converter to change it to WMV. Loaded it to my Windows Movie maker 2.6 and made a movie, complete with titles, music, et al. My operating system is Windows 7. Movie plays as it should in Movie Maker, no issues. Here's the problem.......When I save the movie to my computer in "my videos" file, the finished product is only displaying the bottom half of the video and the top half is just black. The only ...
2.Re: Only Bottom Half of Video Visible
Posted by BBM66 on 7/20/2013 12:01:18 AM
Well, Ive paid for Aimersoft, so it's the one I have to use. The problem does not appear to be with the converter, it appears to be with what happens when i save the movie I made from MM to my computer. The movie plays fine and is full screen in the movie maker utility. When I click on save to my computer and it does, that's when the problem happens and the movie gets cut in half. I am using 2.6 because while my new computer with Windows 7 has the latest version of Movie Maker on it...i think ...
3.Re: Only Bottom Half of Video Visible
Posted by BBM66 on 7/20/2013 5:00:23 PM
Well, I installed MM 6.0 from your link and....WHAMMO!!!! Just like that, it worked perfectly...Thanks bro...No hangings necessary......yet!
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