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Windows Movie Maker - Do amazing things
New Book "Windows Movie Maker - Do amazing things" By John "PapaJohn" Buechler.
Windows Movie Maker 2 - Do amazing thingsMillions of people have downloaded Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2, which offers new features that make creating home movies amazingly fun—and this guide shows how to get awesome results right away! The author is a Movie Maker expert who teaches you the best ways to import and edit footage; make titles, credits, and captions; create scene transitions; add soundtracks and voiceovers; and premiere your movie on CD, DVD, or the Web. The author’s Web site keeps you up to date on the latest in hardware, file format, and other digital video topics that are constantly evolving. Fun, focused, and easy to follow, this book shows how quickly your own movies can come together with Windows Movie Maker 2 - and how you, too, can create the effects you see in movies and on TV every day!

About the Author:
John "PapaJohn" Buechler is the first and, to date, only Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) selected specifically for his work with Movie Maker. John is in daily touch with Movie Maker team members and is a valued resource in helping them understand the concerns of Movie Maker users. John previously worked in database development, business management and engineering. He has engineering degrees from the City College of New York and the University of Connecticut.

PapaJohn is one of our top posters in the Movie Makers Community Forums. Each week he helps hundreds of Windows Movie Maker users by participating in online discussions and maintaining a very comprehensive Movie Maker website at Show him your support!! Buy his book from today or visit our forums and thank him for the time he has spent helping so many Windows Movie Maker users.

Notes from PapaJohn:

I released the full 'online companion' for the new 'Do Amazing Things' book, being published next month. It's the bottom branch of the menu at

The menu looks no different than it did last week, but the branch expands into a number of new pages.

This new branch completes the balancing of the 'problem-solving' tone of the site with one of 'doing things'. I'll be keeping the tone balanced as the world turns, and hopefully get more into the doing of amazing things with Movie Maker 2 as people get their startup issues behind them.


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